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Howard Laks Architect Documents

Perspective_North Elevation
Perspective_East Elevation
North Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation
South Elevation
Perspective_West Elevation
Perspective_South Elevation


Kaplan Chen Kaplan Architects’ Floor Plans

First floor plan — with furniture
First floor plan — without furniture
Second floor plan — no furniture
Second floor plan — with furniture
Basement plan — no furniture
Basement plan — with furniture


New Building Floor Plans

Howard Laks Architects (Jerry Montero)
New Building Floor Plans


KSA Landscape Design Studio Plans

Landscape Schematic Plan from KSA Architects
401_Ocean L Roof Base Presentation Groundlevel
401 Ocean19


Misc. Documents

401 Ocean Avenue Rehabilitation (KCK)
401 Ocean Avenue Rehabilitation Project (KCK)


401 Ocean Avenue

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